Roof Installation in Marlboro, NY

Since 2005, GKontos roofing has been providing customers of Marlboro, NY with top-notch roofing services. We know that roofing can be a big investment and that it takes time and money to perfect. Our experienced professionals are here to assist you in all of your roofing needs. Whether you need metal roofing, asphalt roofing, flat or custom roofing, we always ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work and pleased with the results. We treat your home like it’s our own. So, if you live in the Marlboro area and require a roofing service, give us a call at 845-392-4898 today and we’d be happy to serve you.

Custom Roofing in Marlboro, NY

Custom roofing can increase the curb appeal and add a unique touch to your home. Customer roofing like designer shingles, copper roofing, or other personalized accents can be installed by our team of professionals. If you are also looking to bring some light into the inside of your home, we also provide services in the installation of skylights. Whatever your custom design may be, we’d love to help in the process. If you’d like to see samples or get an estimate, contact us today and get started on your journey to having a beautiful, custom roof.

Cedar Roofing

We offer customers the option to install red or white cedar shakes on their house. Cedar shakes add a natural look to your home as they are made from split logs. This look can add a lot of curb appeal to your home and give your house that pop of style that it needs to stand out. If you like the look of a cedar shake but are interested in a synthetic option, we have a myriad of different colors, cuts, and widths. Whichever you choose, GKontos is here to provide the best cedar roofing to our customers in Marlboro.

Metal Roofing in Marlboro, NY

The benefits of metal roofing are that they are durable and can last for a very long time. This is due to its resistance of weather conditions that can often be harmful to roofs including wind and water leakage. If you are something who is interested in choosing an option that is more eco friendly, metal roofing may be the perfect fit. It is made up of over 25% recycled material and can also be fully recyclable by the time it is done serving its purpose as a roof. Give us a call to learn more about the different types of metal roofing that we offer.

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“This great company did my roof! From the first moment we contacted them we were met with professionalism, efficiency, enthusiasm, and personal care! Because of getting solar panels removed and poor coordination by the solar company, we had to ask GKontos to change the date a couple of times. They were very kind about it. The roof was installed in one day and it is beautiful! I highly recommend GKontos Roofing!” — John White


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