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At GKontos roofing, we offer various roofing services near Mahopac, NY. We provide our customers with durable and high quality materials to ensure your home is appealing and strong during extreme weather conditions. Our technicians have up to ten years of experience servicing and installing various types of roofs to our clients homes. Click here to explore our many roofing options we offer near Mahopac, NY.


Custom Roofing Services

If you are looking for special roofing needs, here at GKontos Roofing we have that covered for you. Sometimes appearance can be a priority to compliment your home. For those who are willing to go the extra mile and look into our special copper design, custom shingles, and other accents we offer various services to meet your needs. Additionally, we also offer skylighting replacements and installations for those looking for the extra shine on their property. To learn more about custom roofing services near the Mahopac area, click here.


 Cedar Roofing Services

Are you looking for wooden materials for your roof? We offer various cedar shakes made directly from split logs. If you’re thinking of finishing off your cabin home with a subtle wooden roof, cedar is a great option for adding character and appeal to your home. Cedar is commonly used in making wooden materials and goes great with our roofing services. Additionally, we even offer a variety of colors, sizes, and weight of the cedar you select.


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“It was quite an experience watching the team of guys on the job – everyone worked in synchrony as in a well cheorographed act, each knowing what he had to do. Everything was thought through and professionally executed – you can quickly tell they are a very experienced team. Tarp surrounded the house to allow the old shingles and debris slide to the ground without touching or harming any existing installations; safety harness for all workers on the roof; provision of a dumpster to hold and remove debris from the site; and sweeping the grounds around the house for nails with a rolling magnet. Quite simply, a most professional job and it was all done in a day! I have no hesitation recommending GKontos – so glad we were given the recommendation to contact them.” — HohKoon A.


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